Hello and welcome back! We are sorry there have been no blog postings for a while but that is going to change! So what has been happening here at Aqua Tci in 2015????

Our lovely boat got both its hull and deck repainted, we have added more equipment to our equipment locker and now have added long sleeved rash vests to our retail inventory.

Aqua Tci has been awarded an Environmental Stewardship Award by DEMA ( the government Department of the Environment and Marine Affairs)  and has climbed steadily up the Trip Advisor rankings all in its first year of operation.

Both Bill and Stephanie have become official Scubapro technicians and Stephanie has also become an instructor in AWARE Shark conservation – a great course to learn a little more about our sharkie friends….

Despite Stephanie being land bound for most of the Summer after her appendix ruptured, it has been a busy one and Bill and the crew have worked tirelessly to keep our guests happy – well done guys!

The marine creatures have not let us down and we have had some amazing encounters from big to small… Humpback whales seem to like the boat and have paid us visits both above and below water during the winter, playful wild dolphins have let us swim with them, majestic sharks, eagle rays and turtles have been seen on a regular basis too. Then onto some of the less encountered: Pipefish, Flying Gurnards and Short-nosed Batfish have all put in an appearance and seem to be sticking around more and more…. Check out our pictures and videos on both Facebook and You Tube and don’t forget to use our Hashtag #Aquatci…

Well thats the year so far – phew! We cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for us!

Whale 1 copy


dolphins copy

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