Northwest Point

The NWP Wall, 40 minutes from our dock, drops from 35 feet (10m) directly down to a ledge around 100 to 120 feet (30-40m), and then falls away to depths in excess of 6,000 feet (2000m).

The limestone composition has created swim-throughs, crevices, and large monoliths of rock hanging precariously off the wall. Large growths of Plate and Brain Corals now shroud the wall, making a perfect habitat for varied schooling fish and diverse reef creatures.

Two Steps – Distinct sandy plateau at 120 feet (40m), home to friendly Nassau Groupers, look out for Amber Jacks.

Shark Hotel – A deep swim through and a sheer wall. Blue Chromis ride the currents, darting away from hunting Mackerels. Takes it name from breeding Nurse Sharks!

Amphitheatre – Large recess in the wall covered in bright sponges and adorned by hanging Whip Corals. Home to circling Horse Eye Jacks. The keen-eyed can find Neck Crabs disguised among the Gorgonian Fans.

Chimney – Vertical swim through from 40 to 80 feet (12 – 24m), exiting into the blue waters. Watch out for the Channel Clinging Crabs resting in the nooks and crannies!

Thunderdome – Discarded set from a TV program. The Dome has suffered with each hurricane, but still provides great photo opportunities of Secretary Blennies and resident Morays.

Eel Garden – Large sand patch leads to dramatic wall, provides haven for Garden Eels, who in turn provide tasty snacks for cruising Southern Stingray.

Coral Stairway – Constant water movement has promoted the growth of Plate Corals climbing up from the depths. Guarded by Caribbean Reef Sharks and ascended by Hawksbill Turtles.

The Crack – Dramatic section of wall bisected by a fissure wide enough for divers to swim down, adorned by Whip Corals, and a beautiful Anemone at 80 feet( 24m). Home to a plethora of invertebrates which can change with each dive. Reef Sharks can be seen patrolling in the blue from here. Click here to check out a scuba diver’s view of descending through The Crack

West Caicos

One of our longest transits of 45 minutes, West Caicos is well worth the journey across the Caicos Banks. From sandy bottoms, encrusted coral heads, to plunging walls, diverse habitats for all manner of sea life from Seahorse to Shark!

Elephant Ear Canyon – Distinctive headland protrudes from a dramatic wall. Reef Sharks circle above, who knows what lives below! Ascend to the expansive sand patch to look for Seahorses, Pipehorses and Pipefish. In recent months home to Victor, a Shortnose Batfish. Still hoping to find him a mate!

Gulley – Gentle decent through a swim through, leading into a wide valley, home to both ‘Sully the Shark’, and the shy Gnome. Curious Atlantic Spadefish aid the search.Click here to check out a scuba diver’s view of diving through The Gulley

Driveway – A defined sand chute bisects the top of the wall, inhabited by Yellow Headed Jawfish. Swim into the shallows to tour the beautiful Coral Garden, finish the dive looking for Drums and Nurse Sharks.

Spanish Anchor – Navigate the swim through, and have your picture taken next to the sponge covered anchor. Has been home to Frogfish and Seahorses.

French Cay

40 minutes due south from our dock, French Cay boast abundant soft corals, providing shelter for large aggregations of Snapper and Grunts. Creole Wrasses, Grouper, and Horse Eye Jacks, congregate in large numbers along the sheer wall, whilst predator Barracuda and Reef Sharks hungrily eye their prey, majestic Eagle Rays fly by, impervious the action below.

Double D – Two large and prominent mounds give this dive site its name. Fast moving waters feed the ubiquitous soft corals, that provide shelter for schools of Mahogany Snapper, Schoolmasters, French Grunts and Smooth Trunkfish.

G Spot – A small niche in the wall is enough to form water eddies, concentrating nutrients that fuel a field of Black Coral cascading down the wall. The resident Barracuda stalks patiently for visitors attracted by the abundant food.

Rock and Roll – A great name for a great dive site. Soft and hard corals, plus Rays, Sharks and Turtles – Let the good times roll!